Background Guidelines On Strategies For The angle of your content is always going to lead back to your audience; theyre the people you want to hook in, says Hinds. Doesnt that sound awfully familiar to the techniques used by the PR crowd? Thats because theyre truly not so different. I dont think we should think about disciplineswe should think about customers. Thats where it begins and ends, says Tom Pratt, director of Albert Road Consulting and operations director at Manyminds . Where people get themselves in a tangle is they try to write SEO content or PR content. I think if theyve got something interesting to sayand if you dig deep enough there is an interesting angle for everythingthey can write and deliver content. Pratt says any contentregardless of its objectivemust be of interest to the audience; it must serve a particular need they have. Take that something interesting to say and develop the hooks for a PR story, then take that opinion and spin it into content marketing that also hits SEO objectives. Good content backs up and boosts first page seo PR work, and vice versa. There is content, and then there are the methods with which it is distributed. Break Down the google first page guaranteed Wall: Collaboration Is Key to Greater Success Weve heard this lesson repeated over and over since childhood, yet it still rings true: Cooperation is the key to success. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Basic Answers On Essential Aspects In Figure out if and where the content fits into your website overall and what purpose it serves. You can even go as far as to decide what internal links will be used. Having a plan will both help in overall organization and ensure that it fits into the framework of your existing adwords specialist site. One component of SEO content writing that is rarely, if ever, talked about is branding. As more SEO experts become aware of the intersection between SEO and a larger marketing strategy, it becomes apparent how big a role branding plays in a businesss success. Your website content is no exception. This is why hiring out for copywriting outside of the brand, or even the industry, can be a risky move. For one, you risk having the overall tone of the writing shift and become incohesive with the rest of the brand message, and even the most subtle variations can be picked up by readers. A good way to ensure that your content is on-brand and stays true to the business message is to utilize language that is used throughout the existing site and marketing materials. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit